The House “Casa das Torres Oliveira” represents the memory and history of Portugal, of it’s erudite architecture dating from the XV century.

The “Comenda de Oliveira”, in Terras de Cima Douro (today the parish of the Mesão Frio’s Council) was given as a grace (oficial reward) by the King Afonso V, to Afonso of Mansilha, a nobleman from Galiza, for services provided to the Monarch, in the battle of Toro, in 1476.

D. Afonso de Mansilha’s and D. Catarina Rodrigues Borges seventh grandaughter, Maria Caetana Veloso de Figueiredo Mansilha, heir to the “Comenda de Oliveira”, married Doutor José António de Sousa e Faria, Knight of the Order “Cristo do Desembargo” of it’s Majesty the King João V.

It was Doutor José António de Sousa e Faria, seventh grandfather to the current owners, who buitl in 1740 the house “Casa das Torres Oliveira, in the same place where until then had remained, for centuries, the old house of the noble family Mansilha.

As it was usual in the XVIII century, José António de Sousa Faria wore silk (in portuguese “Seda”) clothing, at that time abundantly produced in Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, for which he was given the caring nickname of “Sedinhas”.

Synonym of quality, tradition, history and nacional pride, the family decided to open in 1994, this heritage to all who apreciate the culture and history of these familys, that detain these unmesurable patrimonies of beauty and tradition.

Recently restored, the house has 6 bedrooms and very confortable living rooms, a pool, and the gardens, which convey an magnificent environment.

The House was selected to be a set to a soap opera called “Coração de Ouro”, produced by portuguese channel SIC.

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